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Your Purchase is Philanthropic

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Ever wonder how makers and their practices impact the environment?  The Better Store believes, not only in doing good to the environment, but also to the makers and their community.  By empowering these makers and their community, sustainable practices can be better supported to minimize our environmental footprints.  In turn, we are securing a better tomorrow for generations to come.

The Better Store challenges you as a consumer to better understand the source and stories behind every product purchased.




  • 25 October - Wednesday: The Better Store
    • Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Organized by Stones That Rock
    • 10:45am - 1:30pm MarketPlace, Shopping - at GEMS World Academy
  • 27 October - Friday: Purnama
    • Singapore Women's Network Year-End Charity Festival by Credit Suisse
    • 11:30am - 2:30pm Charity Fest at One Raffles Link


A collaboration of two individuals, brainchild of Purnama and GreenieGenie, who crossed paths at the Earth Fest 2017 Singapore and decided to collaborate for a greater impact and awareness on "Better" products locally. We ship internationally.



We established Purnama Outreach to support the community, through the sale of our exquisite artisanal products for our customers around the world.  We have the best environmentally friendly, natural and locally sourced materials in the region; which are hand-crafted into unique designed products. 

Our weaving cotton products (Pokhara Collection) are naturally colored, weaved and loomed by Nepali women who are sponsored into the skill development program through your purchase.  We keep the design local yet a fashionable bohemian style for simple urban setting.  

While our distinctive upcycled products (Java Collection) are handcrafted from recycled tire tubes from local stores (Java, Indonesia).  At the end of our crafting process, each item is cleaned and coated with essential oil, which is naturally deodorizing and antibacterial, creating a long-lasting fabulous finish to our eco-friendly products.  Our designs focus on intricate details with boldness and smart in style.  Partial proceeds supports Water Conservation Campaign in the area.

"Purnama" means Full-Moon in Bahasa Indonesia - Our hope in providing a light for those in need.



GreenieGenie prides in curating culinary essentials which are both sustainable and fair trade. Hardwoods such as olivewood and blackwood (mpingo) are sustainably sourced and harvested in Africa, mainly from remnant blocks after furniture-making process.  In the case of baskets, natural grass are harvested and paired with plastic stripes/recycled rubber salvaged from factories.  The African artisans skillfully handcarve the sustainably sourced raw materials into artisanal utensils and wares, retaining the original grains of the wood and accentuating unique beauty of nature.

Every piece purchased contributes to the better livelihood of the artisans and their families. Your support enables another African child to attain higher education. 

Every "Greenie" sold symbolises the presence of a "Genie" to these makers and their families.

A Little Contribution, a Little Effort Each Day for a Better Tomorrow

Make The Change now


The Better Store is the FIRST lifestyle shop in Singapore which brings diverse labels with socially and environmentally meaningful products under one roof. We aim to be THE SHOP for responsible purchasing and a guiltless shopping experience.

By joining us, you are partnering with The Better Store in making change in consumer purchasing behaviour and helping us in spreading awareness on such alternatively meaningful products.  

You can join us as Product Selling, Marketing or Workshop Partners.  Drop us an eMail on how and when you could join us.  

Socially motivated, consciously making a difference

Socially motivated, consciously making a difference

Baliza is a sustainable and ethical resort wear label that is inspired by the oceans of Bali and Ibiza

Baliza was founded by Gema Santander with the vision of creating a Stylish apparel and accessories inspired by the easy lifestyle, exotic cultures and colours of Bali and Ibiza.


Contact Us -  Be Part of The Change with The Better Store

Responsible consumption platform

Responsible consumption platform

FAIR DOTS is a company to provide responsible consumption platform, change unfair trading structure by means of Fair Trade. Each dot is representing a Fair Trade community and there're many dots in the world connecting together to drive Fair Trade movement. It means that people from different countries, different social stratum are connecting and sharing benefit of trade equality through Fair Trade Platform.