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We are a social enterprise aiming to empower the marginalized by increasing the public awareness on their poverty-stricken circumstances and sourcing for sustainable ways to integrate them in the society.  In addition, we seek to sustain the necessary education for children in need in the developing countries through our products and outreach programs.



A rising number of the population in the developing countries is threatened by increased poverty and hunger. We aim to provide a channel for the impoverished to maintain a good quality of life by the sale of their hand-made products and by enhancing the appropriate skills to integrate them into the society.  

We want to protect the children of the future, by providing for the basic needs and education.  

And, with the substantial opportunity in adapting and transforming skills and capabilities for a sustainable and circular economywe are partnering with environmentally conscious organizations in developing practices through our artisanal (hand-crafted) products.


Skill Development Project


Water Conservation Campaign


Education Sponsorship 

OUR products

Our weaving cotton products (Pokhara Collection) are naturally colored*, with a weaving and looming by local Nepali women whom we sponsor and bring into the skill development program.  We keep the design local yet fashionable for urban setting.  

(*) except when noted

While our distinctive upcycled products (Java Collection) are handcrafted from recycled tire tubes from local stores (Java, Indonesia).  Any additional pieces are made from sterling silver and non-corrosive steel from local merchants.  At the end of our crafting process, each item is cleaned and coated with an essential oil, which is naturally deodorizing and antibacterial and creates a long-lasting fabulous finish to our eco-friendly products.  We design in intricate detail with bold and smart style

All photography provided by  Rae Amarullah