We ask Singapore and its Neighboring Countries to ENCOURAGE businesses and ALL to adopt the


When we say "Straw", we are referring to the Plastic Straw. Plastic is a growing environmental disaster.  

In Singapore alone, consumers use about 2.5 billion plastic bags a year (a quote from Zero Waste SG).   There are efforts by the Government to reduce the consumption of plastic bags, but it is limited.  

Did you know: Plastic straws cannot be recycled because of its size range. This means that it goes to landfills for years, contaminates our land and oceans, and is ingested by marine animals.

Our initiative aims to persuade the public to reduce and eventually stop their need of plastic straws when they visit businesses to help minimize plastic pollution, especially those who really don’t want or need to be automatically served a plastic straw.   For those who enjoy the use of straws, we would love to change hearts and minds to look to the many and increasingly available substitutes to single-use plastic. We encourage individuals that share our concern to take our No Straws Pledge. 


"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"  ~ Robert Swan

 Purnama Outreach - Bamboo Straws

Purnama Outreach - Bamboo Straws

 Cafe Melba Metropolis - Paper Straws 

Cafe Melba Metropolis - Paper Straws 

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Purnama OUTREACh

We are a social enterprise with a mission to provide job creation in developing countries and charitable contribution for children-in-need's education, through e-commerce platform in promoting hand-made merchandises by the marginalized community.

Since we launched Java Collection in 2016 (up-cycled fashion accessories), we have been involved in raising awareness towards fashion for a cause, finding other ways to promote Sustainability.  Sustainability thinking has inspired us to make our future the cause of the present. 

Our projects are not to encourage you to change your diet (vegetarian) or for you not to use plastic materials at all, but maybe you will.

 We just want to provide choices, after you understand what you absorb has an impact.  It is all your choice.


The project is simply a campaign to discipline the distribution of plastic drinking straws, to start in Singapore; with intent to spread across the neighboring countries in Asia (and of course partner with others around the world).

We hope to partner with advertising agency in creating the campaign, and join forces with local NGOs dedicated in eliminating the concept of waste.

Let's start the campaign simply by having a signage “We Only Provide Straws UPON REQUEST” at Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Food Courts and Fast Food Sectors; while we convey the campaign messages through various media and educate the staff of these facilities.    We are not asking to not use a drinking straw, we simply urge to stop automatically giving out plastic straws when not requested.

We can graduate in the next Campaign for these facilities to eliminate the unnecessary use of plastic drinking straw and to recycle (which Singapore has a stagnant national recycling rate, and Plastic is the top 3 waste disposed).


We are in process to Full Scope of The Project: to include staffing of a project manager, advertising materials, such as the video, signage, and the communication package and overall management of the marketing on the environmental impact.  

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