This page is to provide a basic introduction using yoga belt (also may be referred as yoga strap, fitness belt, fitness strap).  Learn how to use the yoga belts at home, at the park or at the gym.  Find out simple steps that can be done with a strap to help your stretches and your yoga practices.   

Please consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise program
We are not exercise experts, we are here to show how you can use our product – yoga belt

Here are pictures and instruction on stretching exercises and yoga poses for you to try.   Use your yoga belt to support the start of your yoga lifestyle, fitness lifestyle, on your bending and giving that extra push: (do feedback for clarity on our instruction)

Forward bend- STANDING

Target Area: Hamstrings, Lower Back, Hip
~ Uttanasana and Padathastasana

Stand Upright, keep legs parallel, wide as your shoulders

Place the belt flat on the ground and step at the middle of it

Stand up straight up, while holding the belt on each hand. Start to bend forward, keeping your legs straight

Breathe in and out as you bend forward

Hold 3 seconds and pull  the strap while keeping your legs straight

Repeat as necessary


Target Area: Lower Back, Hamstrings and Hips (and Shoulder)
~ Paschimottanasan

Sit with your legs straight, bend your knees slightly if necessary 

Place the strap around the back of your feet

Hold on the straps, in comfortable tightness, without forcing

Breathe in, as you lift your head slightly, lengthen the spine

Breathe out, as you gently pull the strap towards you, while the strap is supporting the pull of your toes and your body is to go forward, lengthening your torso - best to keep your chin up

Repeat, as necessary

And, you may drop your head down and breath deeply while the pull of the strap is relaxed, breathe deeply for 20-60 seconds

Extra Stretching: Drop your head down or to the side, while holding  and breathe out as you turn to the side - Repeat for each side



Target Area: Adductor Stretch

Lying on your back, place the belt around the ankle of one leg

Open the leg straight out to the side, getting the leg as low to the ground as possible

Pull towards shoulder

Repeat on the other side

Repeat as necessary


Target Area: Hamstrings
~ Hand To Big Toe Pose

Stand upright, feet together

Place the belt under one foot

While maintaining balance, raise the leg, knee straight or slightly bent 

Pull the strap towards your body to secure the stance, then raise the strap to allow the foot to go higher

Hold for 3 seconds then slowly lower your leg

Repeat for the other leg



Target Area: Quad, Hip Flexors

Stand Upright, keeping core tight.  You can also stand facing a wall to use as balance or simply lie flat on your stomach for the most support

Place the belt on the front of the foot and shin, lift the leg bending at the knee to bring the heel out and up towards your back.  Extend the hip back to include a hip flexor stretch

Once you reach the limit of your active range of motion, use a strap to deepen the stretch by pulling the leg a few inches farther

Hold for 10 seconds and lower slowsly to the foot back flat on the ground.  Switch legs

Repeat as necessary


Target: Hamstring (Post-Sprinting Hamstring Stretch) 
~ Reclined Big Toe Pose

Lie supine (on your back), also can use a small rolled-up towel under your lower back

Actively initiate hip flexion; once you reach the limit of your active range of motion use a strap to deepen the stretch by pulling the leg a few inches farther

Hold for 2 seconds; repeat until 3-6 times are completed (per leg)

You will feel mild pain in the hamstring on each rep.  Your non-working leg should be in contact with the floor and completely straight with toe pointing towards ceiling



Target Area: Thighs, Calves, Ankles, Spine - Overall Balance
~ Tree Pose / Vrksasana

Belt one foot with the yoga strap

Hold on to a wall to assist as you feel the wobbling, find your center

Pull the yoga strap that is belted onto your foot towards you, where the sole of the belted foot is against the inner thigh of the other leg (keep this leg straight, however if needed you may bend your knee)

Stay for 20 - 60 seconds, Repeat and switch foot

Practice your breathing as you get into a balanced pose

More to come ... Stretching Exercises and Yoga Poses