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Weaving Project - Pokhara Collection

Weaving Project - Pokhara Collection

Pokhara Collection is based on a skill development program - weaving project in Nepal.  Hand-woven collections produced by wonderful Nepali women, using natural dyes* and cotton.  

The process: from the Cotton Preparation (Drying and Dying the Cotton), into the Weaving and Looming Activities (based on the colors and design of choice), and move into the careful Sewing.  

The hand dyed cottons are shifted into the workshop after the drying process outdoor. The patterns are laid out and transformed on a traditional wooden loom, based on the design of choice, to loveliest patterns.

Patterns are cut to the design, charming cotton materials are sewn together by using the sewing machine in the workshop. Hand-sewing of the interior and exterior is done by the women in their homes at the mountains of Pokhara, Nepal.  The final touches of the product are done in the workshop.

Our collection provides the finest handmade products using high quality raw materials and natural coloring*.   This collection is Bohemian, Trendy, Alternative and Hipster  

Your Purchase: You will receive the best hand-made product from these women in Nepal.  You are helping a Nepali woman out of poverty.

(*) except when noted

Upcycling Project: Java Collection

Upcycling Project: Java Collection

Our Java Collection is a special project in transforming the raw materials from tyre inner tubes into environment-friendly artistic hand-made products**.  At the end of our crafting process, each item is cleaned and coated with essential oil, which is naturally deodorizing and antibacterial, creating a long-lasting fabulous finish to our eco-friendly products.  

Check out our latest sustainable bags using repurposed discarded single-use plastic and raw material from inner tubes of tyres, beautifully hand-woven with organic cotton thread.

This collection is Fierce, Bold, Trendsetting and a great substitute for leather.

Your Purchase: You will receive artistic leather-like hand-made products, by environmentally community of artists.  With each purchase, partial proceeds will go toward protecting sustainable environment for future generation. 

**Additional pieces are made from different recycled products, such as salvaged batik or plastic, sterling silver and non-corrosive steel from local merchants.  

We are bold and edgy, designed completely in Singapore and utilizing local artisans in less fortunate communities.   Each process in making the products are done by hand, from sourcing the raw material, all the way to the finished product.  This results in our pieces being a unique work with their own story.

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