A Woman's Story - Come Support Our Weaving Project

This is a story of a woman in our Weaving Project in Nepal: 

Her name is Parvati. She was continuously tortured by her husband and her in-laws. He would come home intoxicated and physically abused her.  She was illiterate with no skills outside the home. She could not take a stand for herself.  In the Nepalese caste system, being a low cast, she was further neglected in the society.

Parvarti joined the project  in 2008.  She is now  financially independent. Her children’s education has been sponsored.  With her new found ability to support her husband in family matters and uplift a little bit of their financial crisis, she now receives support from her husband. 

 Little steps have improved in her life. Most importantly she can take stand for herself and support her family, with the skills in her hands. 

You can take action to support our effort to help the women in Nepal, through our Pokhara Collection